LifeGroup Leaders

Welcome to our leadership team webpage!  As our team grows, we will post helpful information here including upcoming team meetings, training materials, bonus LifeGroup questions, and prayer requests.

You will not find this webpage on the MVF website menu, so be sure to bookmark this web address.

Important News for June

During the month of June, I will be hosting a series of 3 evenings at my house with you! I'm calling them our LifeGroup Leader Activations. Think of them as a mix of doing a LifeGroup together, a bit of training, and relationship building as a team. The activations will be on Monday or Tuesday nights. I have filled in a table below with the nights you have told me you can make it.  If you don't find your name, please let me know which night would work best for you (hopefully Mondays because Tuesday is getting full).

  • First Week - Monday June 11th or Tuesday June 12th (and then Monday or Tuesday night for the following 2 weeks)
  • Start - 6:30pm, includes a simple dinner
  • End - 8:30pm
  • Where - Mike & Stephanie's house - 55332 E Apache Pl, Strasburg
  • Sorry, no childcare this time.

Evening Dates Team Members
Mondays June 11, 18 and 25 Dannae Burchfield
Ryan & Aimee Dwyer
Wally Gordon
Michael & Diana Manley
Tim & Allison McCawley
Tuesdays June 12, 19 and 26 Titus & Kelly Curtis
David & Alyssa Egloff
Charley & Calli Goodnight
Debra Jackson
RJ & Shannon Miller
Josh & Nicole Nelson
Todd & Terrie Woicik

Homework for Week 1!

Prepare how you would briefly present your introduction and acceptance of Christ as your Savior in 90 seconds or less. You will share your story with a few people at our first gathering.

  • The Gospel of Luke

    Hopefully you have joined our ongoing reading of Luke.  It could be a great addition set of topics in your LifeGroup to ask if people have questions about the past week's readings. To join, text READ to 68398 to subscribe

  • Monthly Book Pick

    The "Lost Letters of Pergamum" by Dr Bruce Longenecker is an interesting historical fictional look into the culture of the early church and the Roman world.  The letters are communication between Luke (the author of the gospel and Acts) and Antipas, a Roman civic leader, who is briefly mentioned in the book of Revelations.