MOPS 2018

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What is MOPS?

Let's be honest, being a mom is beautiful and hard, and we get that! Sometimes you just need a safe place to breathe; a place to hear encouragement and know that what you what you're doing matters! 

Why be on this journey alone? MOPS is for mommies of young ones to come make friends, get some much deserved encouragement, and actually have a hot breakfast ALONE (you may even get the opportunity to pee alone, too)! Together, we'll strive to be better moms and have the courage to face our mom fears and become the women and mommies God made us to be! This journey is hard, exhausting, and more rewarding than anything else you could do! Join us as we take on mothering... together!!

It doesn't matter to us who you are, where you come from, what you look like. We welcome you whether you believe in God or believe He doesn't exist. We don't care if you scrapbook or make your own baby food. We don't even mind if you show up in your sweats and a ponytail! MOPS isn't a contest, it's a community, and we invite every mommy to be part of it!!

When is MOPS, and How Much Does it Cost?

- MOPS meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays every month during the school year from 8:45-10:45 am at the Mountain View Fellowship Warehouse.

Click here for directions.

- The cost is $70 per year, and this includes a registration with MOPS International where you will receive the "Free Indeed" Welcome Kit, where you'll receive: 

  • An annual subscription to Hello, Dearest magazine
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Weekly inspiring emails
  • A special benefit from Brightpeak Financial 

- Join our Facebook group, MOPS of Mountain View Fellowship, to keep up on "the happenings" in our local group, like play dates, picnics, and special outings!  

- MOPS does take a summer break from mid-May through mid-August, but they'll start back up again when school begins. 

- But wait, there's more! This also includes everything that goes into a MOPS morning... including child care (our MOPPETS program)!

After hearing all of this, we hope you just can't wait to join us... feel free to come and check out a gathering before you register, or you can click below to get signed up:

Click here to register

We try our hardest to raise enough money to keep the cost to a minimum! If the fee for MOPS is out of reach (don't be shy, we've all been there), please let us know (, and we'll work something out!  We don't want money to keep anyone from coming!


Email us at for more information or you can visit the MOPS International website!

We can't wait to meet you!