Welcome to Expedition

An expedition is "an organized group preparing to go on a journey for a specific purpose."

We will be on preparing together for 8 sessions to enhance your leadership and disciple making skills so you can go further on the journey of multiplying disciples.

Preparation for Session 1

  • Read Henri Nouwen In the Name of Jesus (90 minutes) - see notes below on how to access the Expedition Kindle library
  • Read the Gospel of Mark in a single sitting (90 minutes) - if possible, time yourself to get a base line of your scripture reading speed.

Online Kindle Reader

Instead of buying paper copies of all of the books, we have decided to create an online Kindle library. If you do not have the Kindle app already, you can download it for your phone, iPad, and both iOS and Windows computers. Then use the login information below to start your access to the library.

If you already have an personal Kindle account, I would suggest you use the online reader through your favorite browser instead of switching between the two accounts on your mobile device.

The online reader can be accessed by:

1. Go to https://read.amazon.com

2. Log in using:

Username - sherpa@mvfcolorado.com

Password - John15:16

Please do not "check out" or "loan" books from the library. Loaned books cannot be read by others until you check it back in.  Instead, read out of this account.  Multiple people can access the library and books at the same time.