Welcome to Expedition

An expedition is "an organized group preparing to go on a journey for a specific purpose." We will be preparing together to enhance your disciple making skills so you can go further on the journey of making disciples (who then go and make more disciples).

Expedition is a study on how to disciple others using the the Gospel of Mark as a discussion vehicle. Expedition is not a beginning Bible study (although you do not have to be a Bible expert) and you will have homework each week. Past expedition members have found that the homework has not only helped with discipleship, but their own walk with Christ.

Our next Expedition starts September 14th, has 11 sessions, and will be on Monday nights at 7pm-8:45pm at Pastor Mike's house.

The 11 sessions for Expedition will be split between two parts.  We are meeting on Monday evenings from 7pm-8:45pm at Pastor Mike's house in Strasburg.  We respect your time, so we will strive to end on time.  To help us, please arrive before 7pm.

Occasionally we may have an informal & optional dinner together before the class.

Session Schedule:

Session Focus Date Topics Comments
Session 1 Overview of Expedition, expectations, and scheduling Monday
Sept 14
- Introduction to Discipleship
- Homework??

Session 2Start of Mark
and Walk Discipleship
Sept 21
- Introduction to Mark
- Spiritual maturity
- Spiritual Temperaments

Session 3The Art of Scripture Reading
Sept 28
- Inductive Study
- Exegesis & Hermeneutics

Session 4 Postures for Reading Scripture
Oct 5
- Levels of reading
- Contemplative reading
- Identity in Christ

Session 5

The Kingdom

Oct 12
- The Kingdom here but not yet
- Biblically supported answers

Session 6

Jesus and His Disciples

Oct 19
- Powerful Questions
- Markan Sandwiches

No Expedition - Oct 26
Session 7Starting Your Walk
Nov 2
- Diving into discipleship
- Lectio Divina

Session 8Holy Week
Nov 9
- The last week
- Why so much focus on the cross?

Session 9Coaching Your Walk
Nov 16
- Walk troubleshooting
- Awkward conversations
- Praying out loud

Session 10Confidence when we are afraid and bewildered
Nov 23
- The end of Mark
- Answering controversy

Session 11The Overall View of Mark
Nov 30
- Your next growth step

So what is a "Walk"?

In Bible times, people had to often walk from one town to another. They typically traveled during the day in groups, as the roads were often through lonely places and there was dangers from wild animals and robbers. People who did not know each other would group together and of course conversations would happen.

In Luke 24, a couple of Jesus' disciples went on a walk and were joined by an unexpected third person. They ended up talking about how Jesus could be found in all of the scriptures. The disciples learned and grew as they walked together. What a surprise was in store for them when they found out that night that their third companion was the risen Christ!

A "walk" study takes the form of a growing disciple and a mentor/discipler spending time together regularly to intentionally read scripture aloud together. The growing disciple can then ask questions brought up from the text, and the mentor answers them using Bibically supported answers to the best of their ability. This simple discipleship method allows the disciple to mature in the areas they are being prompted by the Holy Spirit.

The "walk" method is highly relational, does not take any special resources, is flexible, and actually teaches the disciple to read, interact with, and study the Bible on their own.

During Expedition, we will teach you how to lead a "walk" Bible study through the Gospel of Mark. We will do this by having you work through the entire book of Mark and work on your own answers to some of the tough questions new believers often ask as they read the text.

You'll have homework each week involving reading Mark, doing the study to find the answers to these questions, and reading a few chapters in some books focused on scripture reading, spiritual development and Bible study. Expect 4 hours of homework a week. 

Past adventurers in Expedition have said the class has greatly impacted their own spiritual life, increased their hunger for their relationship with God, and given them the confidence they needed to actually start discipling someone else.

Joining Expedition via Zoom

Given the state of everything, we may need a few times to hold expedition using an online web conferencing service called Zoom.  There are three ways for you to join in:

  1. Download the Zoom app for your device (phone, laptop, computer, iPad, etc). Start the app and connect to meeting #850 3672 1568. This method will give you the most control over windows, volume, etc.
  2. Open a browser and copy in this link: https://zoom.us/j/85036721568 (Some phones may require you to download the app after following this link to join the call).
  3. Call  (346) 248-7799 and when asked enter the conference id 85036721568 followed by the # sign.  Using this method allows only for audio.

Once on the call, please mute your microphone except when you are talking to help reduce background noise.  Please try to call in a few minutes before 7pm so we can can start on time with the least amount of interruption.

If you are having problems connecting, please text me at 802-999-8175 and I'll try to help you resolve the issue.  Thanks!