Let's make 2021 the year we serve well!

Hello Friends and Happy New Year! This last year was filled with many obstacles for us all, but make no mistake, God is at work! 

For the Hopkins’ family, the majority of our family members have had covid (Gary and I are the exception) and we have lost a brother and an uncle to this virus. I am sharing this because I want you to know that I personally understand the weight of these times. Many of you too have suffered great loss (a loved one, a job, relationships, normalcy, and the list goes on). 

I have suffered another loss within our Church, that is the loss of people from our volunteer team. Each and every person is unique and brings something only they can bring to our team so when they leave, there is an emptiness. The Bible describes the Church as a body, each person represents a part so this year has been a time of body parts falling away. There have been many reasons but in the end, the same result. To know me is to know that I value the complexity and uniqueness of each person. As the Director of Volunteers, a piece of my heart is given to each person as we come alongside each other to fulfill Jesus’ command to love others. In the last few days, God has laid on my heart that it is time to stop mourning the losses on our team and start leading us back to our mission. 

So who is with me? Who else is ready to move forward with loving others? Thank you to our current team for giving so much of your time and heart to serve others. It is time to lessen their load and welcome new faces and those ready to join back in. God is working so let’s come alongside Him and join in. 

It’s time to grow our volunteer teams to meet the needs of 2021. 

Here are just some of the opportunities available: 

• Hospitality - We are still not able to provide doughnuts and coffee for the services quite yet, but we are caring for the worship & volunteer team with morning coffee and some baked goods snacks. 

• Greeting- both at the entrance doors and in the Auditorium. 

• Connection Team - Guests continue to join us and I am expecting more! • Kids - Teachers, helpers, checkin. 

• Cleaning - During the week and on Sundays. 

• Tech - sound, on location and online • Worship - musicians and singers

• Winter Weather Team - to make sure the parking lot and walkways are ready for Sunday morning. 

• Meals - Provide a meal to a family who is going thru hardship. 

• Youth - Have a heart for Middle & High Schoolers? They need you now more than ever. Maybe even provide snacks for group nights and events. 

• Women’s and Men’s Bible Study - Small group leaders

• Life Recovery - Have your life experiences brought you understanding of addiction and recovery? Will you help others? 

• Mothers of Preschoolers - Mentor Moms needed to come walk alongside younger mommas. Childcare is also needed for the Thursday night meetings. 

• Prayer team - Are you willing to pray others thru these hard times? Prayer requests go out all week long to this team. 

• Chair team - Set up & tear down chairs for weekly events

• Art of Marriage - Looking for couples who have weathered some storms and can share about God’s influence in their marriage. 

As you can see, it will take us all to fill the needs. Please pray about where God wants to use you this year. Need more info? Not sure where to plug in? Please email me or call 303-435-2304 and we can work it out together. May 2021 be the year that we serve others well. 

Serving Jesus alongside you,

Denise - Director of Volunteers