COVID-19 Update for 2020-03-17


COVID-19 Update for 2020-03-16

Dear Church Family,

We wanted to send out an update regarding what’s happening at MVF for the next few weeks. First of all, to our knowledge there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at MVF. Based on yesterday’s CDC press release which recommends that gatherings reach no more than 50 people, our services will only be online until further notice. 

We’ll be sending out regular updates to keep you informed and individual MVF ministries will also be posting and sending out updates, resources, and encouragement. Rest assured, ministry at MVF will NOT stop. Later this week we’ll be posting a link so you can join in and watch MVF’s service online this Sunday. Feel free to share this and any future postings and we’ll see you Sunday... online!

COVID Update for 2020-03-13:

Dear Church Family -

Our world and the media seem to be in panic mode right now over the Coronavirus. But we know God is still good, and He is still large and in charge, Amen!

We’re not trying to add to panic – we want to do just the opposite! We wanted to send out a note to let you know some of the things we’re 1) Doing, 2) Asking, and 3) Changing so that everyone, especially those who are most at-risk among us, can have a level of comfort about coming to church!

1) What We’re Doing:

  • We’re still going to have church.

Unless the local authorities tell us it’s not safe, we’re going to keep on having church! If it ever gets to the point where we are asked to discontinue public gatherings, we’ll still have services - we’ll just have them online. Please know we are constantly monitoring developments and will continue to make daily decisions based on the most current information available.

  • We’re still going to make it easy to wash your hands.

We’ve had hand-sanitizer available in our lobby and placed strategically around our kid’s areas for a couple of weeks. We’ll continue to do so (unless we run out) but soap works too, and we’ll always have plenty of that!

  • We’re wiping down everything with cleaner - just like always.

If you’ve been to our church, then you already know we're always cleaning! It’s what we do – and we’ll continue to do so. All the toys are sanitized as well as door handles, countertops, etc.

  • Our greeters will hold the doors open so you won’t have to touch the door handles.

Our greeters are the BEST! They’re going to keep the door open for you so that you don’t have to touch anything. (Thank you, greeters!)

2) What We’re Asking:

  • If you are sick or even feel sick, don’t come to church.

We love you, but if you feel sick, had a fever recently or you’ve been exposed to someone who was sick, it would be best if you stayed home and listened to the message via podcast. The podcast is available through the MVF Colorado app and on our website at This isn’t to keep you from fellowship but to protect those who are most at-risk among us - the elderly, those fighting respiratory issues, those with suppressed immune systems, etc.

  • Pray this virus is handled quickly.

We don’t want anyone to be sick, nor do we want entire schools or towns shut down, or people quarantined! Most people need to go to work to pay the bills. Let’s pray the tide gets turned and everyone gets healthy soon!

  • Make wise decisions.

While we don't want to turn anyone away from MVF, if you are at-risk because of pre-existing conditions we ask that you and your family pray about what is best with regards to attending services in the short-term.

Also folks, keep in mind that we represent Christ in all that we do. I'm sure none of you are hoarding soap, hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Instead I'm sure that you are showing the world confidence in God by getting only what you need and sharing extra with your neighbors. Keep it up!

  • Please automate your giving.

Our app and website are your easiest options for accomplishing this. Any time we have low attendance due to summer vacations, holidays, snow, ice, Broncos Games, or even Coronavirus scares, our giving plummets which truly hinders ministry. We rely on your faithful giving to continue reaching our communities for Christ. Automated giving literally helps us keep the lights on and doing ministry at a high level even when our attendance is low. As a side note, it also lowers the amount of administration and “touch” needed because it’s… automated! Figure out what your family can regularly give each week or month, and setup the automated payments using the app or website. That was easy!

  • Follow MVF for the latest updates.

Our app is also your best option for updates. We'll send out notifications for any urgent updates so please make sure your notifications are turned on. Also our social media can communicate to large numbers of people quickly. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, follow us @mvfcolorado. There you’ll also be able to find the latest updates!

3) What We’re Changing:

  • Our greeters will refrain from shaking your hand.

This will be tough for them, because they are SO friendly. And we’re a very friendly church where hugs, high fives, handshakes are the norm! But, in order to protect the most at-risk among us, we’re going to refrain from shaking hands for now. We’re dubbing Sunday as “Fist-bump Sunday.” Please don’t “force” someone to shake your hand to show how much faith you have. Let’s show love by refraining from handshakes for now! (TIP: Holding something in your right hand, like a cup, will keep people from reaching out for a handshake.) Please remember we’re doing all of this to love on those who are most at-risk among us.

Be ready for anything, but anxious for nothing.