Facility Use Policy

To maintain a large facility, there is a cost incurred with each use including, but not limited to: utilities, whether a MVF Representative must be present, and the need for custodial cleanup and room reset for Sunday after events.  Our consideration of each building use request takes these costs into account.

When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

  • This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people. Use it joyfully for His glory, and do your best to take care of it.
  • When you are finished using the building, remember that others will follow who will be using the building. Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in for an event, ministry-related or otherwise.

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*Please note that we only accept printed, completely filled-out copies of Facility Use Request forms.  

If you don't have access to a printer, swing by the MVF Office and we'll be happy to print one for you.