Serving at MVF...

"A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other" 1 Cor 12:7

All we are missing is you...

Interested in serving at Mountain View Fellowship? It's easy to get plugged in! 

Serving opportunities are broken into 3 groups using the analogy of "getting into the water".  Many of the serving opportunities below are highlighted so click on them for more info and how to sign up!

Group one:

We are calling this group "The toe dipping" - These are beginner serving opportunities.  They require less commitment but not less impact.

Group Two:
This is the "wading" group. Let's imagine the water as Knee deep here.  A little more commitment but with more Kingdom impact.

Group Three:

These are the swimmers.  They are ready to jump in and do life with others.  They see it as a privilege to serve and come alongside God wherever and whenever he calls.  Don't be afraid of this one, it is a let go and let God moment.  You also have the staff there to support, encourage, and walk you through.

There are even more amazing places to serve at MVF so if you are looking to fill a specific unlisted place, please contact Denise - Director of Volunteers