Marriage Mentors

Leader: Pastor Mike

  • What we do: Strong marriages are critical to the health of our families, church, and community. Sometimes couples need a "tune-up" to help improve their marriage. Our marriage mentors are matched with a couple and spend 4 or 5 "sessions" together walking through issues like communication, forgiveness, prayer, and love languages.
  • Spiritual gifts: Related to wisdom, knowledge, exhortation, discernment, mercy, faith, and intercession
  • Where: Typically you host the couples at your home, the couple's home, or a neutral location.
  • When: You and your mentor couple will setup a time that works for you. We suggest each session is about 60-90 minutes long.
  • Training: Yes! We provide you the materials you will go through, and have a training session to help you be able to mentor well.
  • Requirements: Married couple with at least 10 years of married life together. Committed followers of Christ.
  • Frequency: Currently mentors usually work with 1 to 3 couples per year. You'll spend 4 to 5 sessions/weeks with each couple

LifeGroup Leader

Leader: Pastor Mike

  • What we do: LifeGroups leaders lead and disciple a LifeGroup. This takes the form of a weekly LifeGroup, checking in with your folks mid week, and sometimes some extra prayer and support as "life happens".
  • Spiritual gifts: Related to wisdom, knowledge, exhortation, discernment, mercy, faith, leadership, intercession and pastoral gifts.
  • Where: LifeGroups happen in homes. You may choose to have your group at your home, a host's home, or rotate the group between a few member's homes.
  • When: One night a week, typically on either a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Training: Yes! Ongoing training once a quarter and coaching by Pastor Mike. Suggest completing our Expedition Discipleship course.
  • Requirements: Committed follower of Christ. Prefer past membership in a LifeGroup (or small group)
  • Frequency: Weekly

For more info on these opportunities or to get started, Please contact Pastor Mike