MVF Kids is a great place to learn about God!

At MVF, we value children and believe that our littlest brothers and sisters in Christ are an important part

of the church-right here, right now!  With that in mind, it's important for us to lovingly point kids to Jesus

and teach them how to foster relationships up, in, and out... just like we do in "Big Church."

And we don't just want them to know who Jesus is, but also what He has done and what that means for them.  

So through our worship, play time, and teaching times, we intentionally lead them through the Bible, 

knowing that the foundational knowledge of God's Word will guide them through life.  

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How we teach your kids about God

Our Toddler and Elementary students enjoy the ORANGE Curriculum.  We believe that two combined influences can make a greater impact than two individual ones.  When the church as the light (Yellow), and your home as the heart (Red) combine... you get ORANGE... and your family connecting to the MVF faith community together.  What a beautiful picture!

  • Nursery

    Our nursery is available during all services and is offered to infants and toddlers (usually through mid to late two's) who are not potty trained.  In our nursery, babies are held and snuggled while you enjoy the service! Let us know if your child has any special needs or is due for a bottle or nap and we'll make sure they're taken care of!

  • Toddlers

    What a fun time our toddlers have on Sundays!  Each week they enjoy a large group time of singing along with an engaging Bible story, snack time, and play time.  We also send helpful emails detailing what they're learning and encouraging parents to become more intentional at home as you talk about God and what He means in your every-day life.  We have both a Toddler (2s and 3s) and a Preschool (3s and 4s) class.  We do request that children be potty-trained before they attend our Toddler program. 

  • Elementary

    Our elementary kids meet in three groups on Sundays: Lower Elementary (K and 1st), Middle Elementary (2nd and 3rd), and Upper Elementary (4th and 5th), and our goal is to grow your child's faith in fun and relatable ways at every stage!  Elementary kids spend time in worship, large group, and small groups, and they'll get a little taste of discipleship through the MVF Kids volunteers who lead them (and love them!) 

Mid-Week Gatherings

Here in MVF Kids, we don't just meet on Sundays... we have fun during the week too!  We gather on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm for KidMid- our awesome time together full of worship, games, crafts, and stories about God.  

And did we mention we've also got Friday Fundays on most School Inservice days (with crazy games and tons of fun designed to wear kids out!), After-School Specials (movies and popcorn), and don't even get us started on our Summer Family Adventure... let's just say we have a great time hanging out and learning about God and his plan for our lives.  

Safe & Secure

For your peace of mind, know that all nursery, toddler, and MVF Kids volunteers have undergone a strict security clearance and background check.  We also have a security protocol in place to assure all children are checked in and out by their parents, and a numbered call system to alert you should you be needed during the service.  Many of our MVF Kids Leaders are also Infant and Child CPR-Certified.