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Please note that for urgent or time-sensitive info, or for weather-related service cancellations, we'll use four main avenues to communicate:  (1) The Home Page of this website, (2) The MVF All-Church Text Group, (3) The MVF App, and (4) The MVF Facebook Page.

  • MVF Colorado App

    Download the MVF Colorado App for an incredible list of connection tools as well as current events.

  • MVF's All-Church Text Group

    If you don't like getting out of your jammies on a blizzardy Sunday morning and aren't sure if church has been cancelled, or perhaps you need a reminder to set your clock backward by an hour so you don't show up early AGAIN like that one time last year... you should join MVF's All-Church Text group.  Simply text "MVF" to the number 720-999-9075

    to join this amazing group we like to think of as our substitute-mother, who ever-so-gently reminds us of things we need to know or might possibly forget. We promise not to be spammy. Why should you join? 

    Because your substitute mother said so.  

  • Facebook

    Search for "Mountain View Fellowship" (or click the icon to the left.) This will lead you to MVF's main FB page, which you should definitely "Like". We've also got a Facebook Group that you can join HERE. Give us a day or so to make sure you're not a robot, and then you'll be one of the gang!

  • Twitter

    Catch us on Twitter here:@mvfcolorado; you should follow us because... Jesus.  Don't forget you can always tweet your questions during a message or LifeGroup meeting and at least one of our pastors will get back to you as quickly as they are able... just use #mvfcolorado.  PS: you can click the icon, too.

  • Instagram

    This is where you can see some of the best pictures on the line, if you know what we mean.  Find and follow us by searching mvfcolorado on Instagram (or click the icon)... you might just see a picture of yourself! We promise our camera takes off ten pounds!(Ok... that was a joke, not a lie!)

  • Vimeo

    To watch some of our more popular in-house videos, you know the drill.  CLICK HERE or on the pretty icon!  :)