What to expect

Parking is offered on the east, west, and south sides of our property with handicapped parking also available on the east and west sides; those lots are a little closer as well.  Feel free to park where you're most comfortable!

Masks and Social Distancing: You'll find smiling faces and warm greetings as you enter MVF- they just might be behind a mask!  Most people wear masks inside and in the lobby and remove them once they've reached their seats in the auditorium.  You are welcome to do the same or leave yours on throughout the service- whatever makes you most comfortable.  We do practice social distancing with our seating per Tri-County Health's guidelines. 

Starting in March, coffee and donuts will be offered before each service and you can bring them into the auditorium with you.   You can also check out our Information Center in the Lobby; we'd love to meet you and answer any questions you may have.  During our services, you’ll experience great music, creative videos, and life-changing messages presented in creative and practical ways. 

As far as that awkward passing of the Offering Plate- we don't do that, and we don't want you to feel obligated to give.  In fact, we don't "take" an offering at all- we have drop boxes outside the auditorium for those who support the ministries of MVF.  

We offer two in-person services each week at 8:30 and 10:15am

MVF Kids is offered during all services.