Next Steps are important...

All of us our on a journey with Jesus. Some of us are at different places as we grow spiritually and closer to Christ. We offer a number of next steps for you to grow, no matter where you are!

  • Base Camp is our starting step. This one session discussion on a Sunday morning is intended to answer your specific questions about faith.
  • Baptism - if you have accepted Christ, this is a great next step!
  • Trailhead - as you start to walk further, it helps to get some information about the path ahead. Trailhead is a 3 session discussion on some initial steps in growing, and will give you plenty of time to ask your questions.
  • Serving - ask any mature Christian, and they will tell you that serving others is an important way to grow.
  • Go Read - we offer a weekday Bible study delivered at 7:30am via text. This simple study gives you about 5-8 minutes of reading and a question to consider. A great way to make sure you get into the Bible each day!
  • Expedition - if you have had a relationship with Jesus for awhile, it is time to start helping others learn about Jesus. This 11 week class teaches how to lead a "Walk thru Mark" discussion along with ways you can personally continue to deepen your faith.

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