Adult Ministries

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  • Financial Planning Ministry

    Estate Planning Seminar

         While people generally agree that it’s important to have an estate plan, 60% of people in the US die without a will, and 90% die with just a will or no estate plan at all. Most people know it’s something they should do, but the legal system can be intimidating and costly.

    As parents, if you have minor children, you certainly want to designate who the guardians would be for those children if something should happen to you. Whether you have significant or very few assets, you should have a written plan so that you decide how they are cared for and by whom.

         If due to an accident or changes in health you are unable to make medical decisions, your Health Care Directives and Health Care Power of Attorney can direct the physicians to give you the care you want.

         In partnership with FINANCIAL PLANNING MINISTRY, MVF is offering its members a seminar on estate planning followed by a private session with an estate planning consultant where you will develop your own estate plan. This is an extraordinary opportunity to sit down and create all the legal documents you need including: Will, Living Trust, Power of Attorney for finance and health care, Health Care Directives, and Guardianship.

    These documents are provided with no cost or obligation.

         FINANCIAL PLANNING MINISTRY is a unique nonprofit partnership of ministries dedicated to providing its members with a path to sound biblical stewardship through their estate plans. Their 2-hour presentation provides clear and accurate information that cuts through the misinformation and helps you avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes in securing your loved ones' future.  


  • AA and Life Recovery

    Ready to get your life back?  You can join us at one of our AA meetings any Friday at 5:30pm in our Balsam Room.  We also offer Life Recovery, a weekly 12-step program that runs in sessions and specializes in drug and alcohol addiction, but those with other struggles are also welcome, as are the people who love them.  Life Recovery is currently meeting Fridays at 6:30pm in the Aspen Room. 

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  • Financial Peace University

    Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past. Listen—there’s a better way! MVF's 9-week Financial Peace University teaches how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together! There are two different offerings for FPU- and the course is free to you!  For more information, contact Nathan Fritzler at 303.434.3204.

  • Lifegroups

    Lifegroups are smaller groups that meet in homes during the week.  Not only are these groups important to your spiritual and relational growth (your Up and In relationships), we believe they're a lifeline for each member at MVF.  When you commit to do life with other believers, true community happens and ministry naturally occurs.  It's in a Lifegroup that the church actually gets to function like the church... and it's a beautiful thing.  For more information on joining a Lifegroup, email Pastor Mike.

  • Men's Ministry

    When it comes to the church, we feel men have been overlooked for far too long. Our Men's Ministry offers an opportunity for guys to get together and experience the life God has for them and in the process, grow to be more like Him.  They have a weekly study on Monday and Thursday evenings at 8pm in the Balsam Room, along with a regular men's breakfast, a yearly retreat, and lots of special events at places like Top Golf.  

  • Missions and Outreach

    We believe missions, whether in our own neighborhood or on the other side of the world, is what the Body of Christ is called to- and that everyone's story has the potential to reach someone.  At MVF, we provide opportunities to serve near and far and get out of your comfort zone and learn to tell others what Christ has done for you!

  • Mothers of Preschoolers

    Mothers of Preschoolers is a group for mamas with little ones from birth  through Kindergarten or Moms-to-Be with one on the way.  They come together in the midst of the everyday tasks to discuss relevant topics of motherhood, relationships, and identity.  MOPS isn't a contest, it's a community; and every mom  is invited to be part of it!  MOPS meets the first and third Thursday evenings of the month at 6:30pm.  Questions? Email us! To register for MOPS' Spring Semester, click here!

  • Women's Ministry

    Our Women's Ministry is a place of belonging for women from all walks of life.  It's the place to grow your faith in Christ and find support and friendship along the way.  They offer a weekly Bible Study on Tuesdays, special events, retreats, and amazing teaching from their team of teachers.  So whether you're wearing yoga pants or a business suit, you'll find it's the perfect place to be exactly who God made you to be.  

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