We are on a journey together walking through several of the books of the Bible, and we would love to have you join us. Jump in by texting the word GO to (720)999-9075.  Each weekday you will get a text message around 7:30am with the daily reading and a short question to consider. Sometime during the day, set aside 4-10 minutes to read the daily chapter or passage and then reflect upon what the Holy Spirit highlights for you. We have "balanced" the reading to be 3 to 7 minutes long each day.

Along the way, let us know how you are doing on your walk through these books by emailing mike@mvfcolorado.com. If you have questions, text (720) 551-7080 and one of our pastors will reply.

Connecting with the Reading

To connect with the passage, try these six simple steps:

  1. Find a quiet spot to read, mute your phone and set it down outside of your reach.
  2. Take a deep breath in, hold it, and then release it. Ask God to talk to you through the passage you are reading.
  3. Read the passage. Feel free to underline words or verses that get your attention, seem important, or repeat often.
  4. When you are done, look back on the items you underlined and think through why they may have been important to you. How do they apply to your life today?
  5. (Optional) Answer the questions for this passage from our daily text message.
  6. Pray again, thanking God for what He showed you in the passage. Pray for the Spirit to help bring these items into focus during the rest of your day.

Repeat the next day!

Different Reading Methods

You may have heard about doing a Bible study or a devotional. These two popular methods of Bible study are great for understanding different levels of the meaning of a passage of the Bible.

Our walks through these books of the Bible use a different method of reading called "familiarization."  The intent of this method is to become familiar with the content of the reading. You will still get great meaning and understanding from this method, but you will not get the depth of understanding that a full study or focusing on a few verses may give you.

Familiarization with the Bible is a very important part of your walk with Jesus. It is difficult to call yourself a Christian if you do not know what Jesus did and said. Our hope is that after you do these walks, you will want to find out more by going back to carefully re-read and study parts of scripture which God has highlighted for you.

Want More?

A couple of Bible reading plans if you want to do more than a chapter a day:

  • Read the New Testament in 90 days. Try this order and read 10 minutes a day. If you don't start in January, no problem. Just ignore the dates and get started. Download: New Testament PDF
  • Read 100 "Essential" Bible passages.  These are a great set of passages that are helpful for all Christians to read. Download: Essential PDF
  • Read the Bible in a year. This "distributed" plan has you reading from different books of the Bible each day. This method helps break up some of the harder to read books so you will be more successful in completing this mission. Each day read one chapter from a Gospel, one Psalm, and then the daily reading based upon the day of the week. In 15-20 minutes a day, you'll go through the entire Bible once, the Gospels almost 4 times, and the Psalms almost 3 times. Download: DailyDistributedReadingPlanV4.pdf
  • Read the Easter timeline through all the Gospels to see what Jesus did, taught and went through for us on each day of Holy Week: EasterWeekTimeline.pdf