We're far from perfect...

We aren't perfect, and we'll be the first to say that we don't have it  all together.  But we are working on becoming more like Christ every day despite our brokenness and baggage, and bringing as many people along with us as we can.

We are a group of people passionate about pointing people to Jesus by fostering relationships.  We've got a vision for forming relationships in our community (and beyond) and sharing the life-changing message of Christ in creative, practical ways. Jesus cared for people and put a lot of emphasis on relationships and so do we.  

If you're visiting our site for the first time, we’d like to extend a warm welcome; scroll down to see the things that drive us and then feel free to take a look around and stay for a while.

Our Motive: 

"You Over Me"

What drives us?

Our Motive - "You Over Me."

We practice "You Over Me" by putting:

1. God Over Everything: if we get this one right, everything else will follow.

2. Relationships Over Rules: it's what Jesus did and it's what He calls us to do.

3. Service Over Selfishness: overcoming our selfish nature isn't easy, but we believe serving others is the practical application of our motive. And we practice:

4. Together Over Alone: God created us for community and didn't intend for us to do life all by ourselves!

Our Mandate:

"Pointing people to Jesus by fostering relationships"

Our Mandate is "Pointing people to Jesus by fostering relationships." We realized there was a lack of authentic relationships among those living in our area.  We believe we are created for a relationship with God and others and within everyone is a desire to belong.  We know this is how we will shine the brightest in our communities - by "pointing people to Jesus by fostering relationships."  Jesus cared for people and placed a lot of emphasis on relationships and so do we.

Our Map & Measures

Our goal is for every MVF family member to foster relationships in three distinct directions:

  • "UP" Relationship

    We are committed to fostering our "UP" relationship (with God) daily.  Meaning spending time in the Bible and prayer every day with the purpose of becoming more like Christ every day.

  • "IN" Relationship

    We are committed to fostering our "IN" relationships (with each other) weekly. This is one of the reasons Lifegroups are so important.  By gathering in smaller groups each week, we grow deeper in our relationships together and become like family.

  • "OUT" Relationship

    We are committed to fostering our "OUT" relationships (with those who don't know Christ) monthly.  We believe every member is a missionary and it is our calling to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world one person at a time.  This causes us to be intentional about meeting with our friends who need Jesus.