Connection Team

Our job is to help new visitors feel welcome and part of the family.  We sit at the Info desk, meet families, do a follow up phone call to answer any questions, and invite them to a welcome lunch which we attend alongside them.  

For more info on this service opportunity please contact Adam with the Connection Team

Prayer Team

What we do: Our team lifts up people in our church and community through prayer. You will receive prayer requests (currently via email) throughout the week.

  • Spiritual gifts: All! Specifically related to prayer/intercession, exhortation, prophecy, helps/service, faith
  • Where: At home
  • When: Throughout the week. Typically you'll get most requests on Monday or Tuesday after the weekend.
  • Frequency: Weekly/daily as prayer requests are submitted
  • Training: Available
  • Requirements: Open and willing to intercede and pray for others. Committed follower of Christ.

For more info or to get started, Please contact Pastor Mike

LifeGroup Host Home

  • What we do: LifeGroup hosts are folks that want to help make a LifeGroup happen, but may not feel they are ready to fully lead a group. Instead, they host a LifeGroup at their home while another person or couple leads the group. Hosting may involve food in the form of snacks or a meal depending upon your group.
  • Spiritual gifts: Related to hospitality, helps/service
  • Where: LifeGroups happen in homes. As a host, you'll have your group at your home.
  • When: One night a week, typically on either a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Training: Yes! Ongoing training once a quarter and coaching by Pastor Mike. Suggest completing our Expedition Discipleship course.
  • Requirements: Committed follower of Christ. Prefer past membership in a LifeGroup (or small group). A home that can comfortably seat 8-12 people for the weekly discussion.
  • Frequency: Weekly

For more info or to get started, Please contact Pastor Mike