What is Home Church?

Home church is simply people meeting in a home to watch a service & worship together.

During this current situation when we are not in our building on Sunday mornings, we are encouraging our church family to be together in homes. We are rotating each week between three formats for Sunday mornings:

  1. Drive-in services in the MVF parking lot
  2. "Full Online Service" which has worship music & a sermon
  3. "Discussion Service" which has a shorter message with group discussion questions

Home Church can be done for all three formats, although it really works great for the weekends we have "Discussion Service" format.

Hosting a home church is not complicated. We will provide you with the video link to watch, a guide (if there are questions), and whatever support you need. We do recommend you share a meal together (breakfast/brunch) whether provided by the host home or  potluck style where each person/family brings something to share.

Want to join in? Sign up to host or attend a home church!