Here's what's happening at MVF on Hometown Days Weekend: 

  • Bang Bang

    Starting at 9am on Saturday morning August 13 for just $5 per round. It will run until dark or until the weather shuts it down (which hopefully, it won't!)

  • Nom Nom

    Come join us at 5pm on Saturday, August 13 for a smoked pulled-pork sandwich with all the fixins', sides, and dessert.  Did we mention it's free?  Because it is.  And we're Christian people, so we don't lie.  

  • Scoot Scoot

    You love it, and it's BACK! We've got our favorite caller booked and a party is going down!  Dancing starts at 6pm on Saturday, August 13, right after you've had too much to eat.  This is a GREAT family activity and is loved by young and old alike!  Can't dance?  Neither can we!  Our caller teaches as we go, so it's easy and fun for everyone!