Hometown Days 2022

There's a ton of great stuff going on during Hometown Days weekend, but we promise, 

the best of the best is right here at MVF!  We hope you'll swing by for the fun!  

Scroll down to see what's happening! 

Here's what's happening at MVF on Hometown Days Weekend: 

  • Bang Bang

    Starting at 9am on Saturday morning August 13 for just $5 per round. It will run until dark or until the weather shuts it down (which hopefully, it won't!)

  • Nom Nom

    Come join us at 5pm on Saturday, August 13 for a smoked pulled-pork sandwich with all the fixins', sides, and dessert.  Did we mention it's free?  Because it is.  And we're Christian people, so we don't lie.  

  • Scoot Scoot

    You love it, and it's BACK! We've got our favorite caller booked and a party is going down!  Dancing starts at 6pm on Saturday, August 13, right after you've had too much to eat.  This is a GREAT family activity and is loved by young and old alike!  Can't dance?  Neither can we!  Our caller teaches as we go, so it's easy and fun for everyone!