MVF Kids Philosophy

At MVF we value Children.  We know that they are not only the future of the church but they are an integral part of our church - right here, right now.  The mission and mandate of MVF is to point people to Jesus by fostering relationships up, in, and out.

Since we believe MVF Kids is an important part of MVF, our mission and mandate are much the same.  We want to point kids to Jesus by fostering relationships....

UP:  Our goal and desire is that our kiddos not only know who Jesus is; but also what He has done and what that means for them.  So through our worship, curriculum, and teaching times we are intentionally leading our children through the Bible, knowing that the foundational knowledge of God's Word will guide them through life.

IN:  As our children are an integral part of MVF, we value not just the faithful participation and attendance of our adults, but also of our kids.  We want to worship, love, and fellowship - Together!  At several points in the year, the kids also join in the adult worship.  And at any time we welcome families to attend the auditorium worship service together.

OUT:  We believe that this out relationship of being Salt and Light in our world happens not only on Sunday morning, as our teachers share the truth of God's Word with  the children in front of them; but also as our kiddos go out and share that same truth with their friends and neighbors.  We want to point kids to Jesus.  Our kiddos can fulfill that mission too!