MVF LifeGroup Directory

LifeGroups are small groups that meet in homes during the week to grow together spiritually. They are a mix of support (doing life together), discipleship (growing more like Jesus), and Bible study (opening God's Word together). You don't have to know the Bible or have life completely figured out to be a welcome part of a LifeGroup.

What makes a LifeGroup? There are six key parts:

  • Commit to creating a community together in order to grow spiritually
  • Regularly open the Bible together and explore how these truths impact their lives
  • Pray regular with and for each other
  • Occasionally share meals or other food together (break bread together)
  • Follow the ongoing MVF LifeGroup study (usually related to the sermon series, or walks thru specific books of the Bible)
  • Welcome new people into the group, which sometimes means groups need to multiply (one group becomes two)

LifeGroup Directory

Below is our current list of LifeGroups. Look through the list for a possible match for you, and then either contact the LifeGroup leader or Pastor Mike ( to get connected. 

We know it can be a little nerve wracking to join a group, especially if you don't know anyone. Remember everyone in the group has been in your shoes before! When you start into a new group, please give it at least a month of attending to give yourself a chance to connect in. If you are having a hard time, talk with the LifeGroup leader or Pastor Mike for help.

We offer LifeGroups Sunday through Thursday. We purposely do not have LifeGroups on Friday or Saturday nights, as these nights are difficult for groups to have consistent attendance.

Note on Childcare: Our groups handle childcare in several ways. Some groups schedule paid babysitters  to come in and the group shares the cost. Other groups have older children from the group watch the kids. Some groups allow elementary and older kids to play unsupervised (known as "free range"). A few do not offer childcare options (families arrange babysitters for the kids to stay at home while the parents go to group).

New LifeGroups

Tuesday - Doug & Linda Baker

- Strasburg @ 6:30pm

- (970) 214-0852 or (970) 443-8326

- No childcare, no meal

Wednesday - Matt & Becca Conklin

- Bennett @ 5:30pm

- (720) 272-0002 or (970) 412-1600

- Meal together weekly, Shared cost/ paid childcare

Wednesday - Ryan & Aimee Dwyer

- Strasburg @ 6:00pm

- (303) 961-2554 or (303) 981-1283

- Meal weekly together, childcare by older children

Thursday - Ryan & Tiffany Shaklee

- Northern Strasburg @ 6:00pm

-(303) 359-0226 or (303) 523-4795

- Meal weekly together, no childcare at this time

Open for New People

Sunday - Todd & Terrie Woicik

- North Bennet @ 4:00pm

- (720)327-9200 or (303)596-1314

- Meal together weekly, childcare by older children

Tuesday - Bryan & Sharlyn Rose

- Bennet @ 6:30pm

-(303) 916-8877 or (303) 916-8512

- No regular meal, no childcare

Tuesday - Charley & Callie Goodnight

- Strasburg @ 6:00pm

- (720) 281-2920 or (303) 818-2799

- Meal together weekly, childcare by older children

Wednesday - RJ & Shannon Miller

- Strasburg @ 6:00pm

- (303) 241-4580 or (720) 809-5649

- Meal together weekly, Shared cost/ paid childcare

Thursday - Jer & Jody Ross

- Strasburg @ 6:30pm

- (720) 951-1417 or (303) 809-9204

- Meal together once a month, Childcare by older children

Currently Full

Sunday - Jim & Tanya Goble

- Strasburg @ 1:00pm

- No regular meal, no childcare

Sunday - David & Alyssa Egloff

- Deer Trail @ 6:00pm

- Meal together weekly, no childcare

Monday - Tim & Debbie Crawford

- Strasburg @ 6:30pm

- Meal together often, no childcare

Tuesday - Brandon & Carrisa Smith

- Bennett @ 6:30pm

- Meal together weekly, Shared cost/ paid childcare

Wednesday - Randy & Nancy Taylor

- Strasburg @ 6:00pm

- No regular meal together, free range childcare (older children)

Wednesday - Nathan & Kim Fritzler

- Strasburg @ 7:00pm

- No regular meal, no childcare

Thursday - Deb Jackson

- Strasburg @ 7:00pm

- Meal together once a quarter, no childcare