LifeGroup Leaders

Welcome to our leadership team webpage!  We are going to use this page as a method to post helpful information including upcoming team meetings, training materials, bonus LifeGroup questions, and prayer requests.

You will not find this webpage on the MVF website menu, so be sure to bookmark this web address.

Important News for January/February 2020

By now your group should have started to walk thru Mark (see info and links below).  If you have not, please contact Mike for help getting started.

I'm attempting to connect people who are interested in joining a LifeGroup by using an online directory.  Your LifeGroup is listed with your contact info.  Please respond quickly to people if they contact you.  One of the problems with getting people into groups is simply for them to commit to what night they can meet. I'm hoping by doing a directory I'll shorten the communication path so they can decide and contact you directly.

  • Walk Thru Mark

    2020 is starting with our LifeGroups walking thru the Gospel of Mark. For details, help and training, download our guide. Also contact Mike for our bookmarks which will help with the starter questions and the list of natural units in Mark.

    The current guide has section specific questions through chapter 5. I'm working on the next revision and will let you know when it is published.

  • LifeGroup Leader Blog

    We have a simple blog for different idea, training, and encouragement posts.

    Checkout one of our recent posts on why reading whole sections of the Bible is critically important.

    I have included a feed at the bottom of this page with the most recent 2 blog posts.

  • GO: Reading

    Hopefully you have joined our ongoing weekday Bible reading group.  It could be a great addition set of topics in your LifeGroup to ask if people have questions about the past week's readings. To join, text the word "READ"  to 720-999-9075  to subscribe

  • Book of the Month: February

    I'm currently reading Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt which explores how each of us (even believers) have parts of our lives where unbelief rules instead of Christ. As Vanderstelt states, "We need the gospel and we need to become gospel-fluent people. We need to know how to believe and speak the truths of the gospel - the good news of God - in and into the everyday stuff of life."

  • Story Cards

    Hopefully you are finding some value on occasionally using the Story Cards with your LG.  If you do not have a set yet, please let me know.  We have occasionally put suggested questions for the Story Cards in the weekly LG Questions cheat sheet.  Below are a few ideas for questions... send along any questions you create!

    What picture best describes...
    Warm Up Questions Getting Deeper Questions
    • Your day?
    • Your summer plans?
    • Your favorite vacation?
    • A major accomplishment?
    • Your current phase of life?
    • Your favorite childhood memory?
    • A recent movie/TV show you've seen?
    • Your favorite subject in school?
    • The most dangerous (or daring) thing you have ever done?
    • Your current stress level?
    • A childhood dream?
    • A goal you want to accomplish?
    • Your relationship with God right now?
    • Your devotional life
    • The time of your greatest spiritual growth?
    • What God is talking to you about?
    • What spiritual next step you need to take?
    • Reminds you of a person who helped you grow spiritually?
    • How you have seen God this week?
    • The toughest situation in your life God helped you walk through?

Recent LifeGroup Leader Blog Posts...

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